The media channel revolution


adtones captivates highly profiled callers without prolonging or impacting the quality of the primary product - the phone call.


adtones uses a personal focused moment, when waiting for a call to be picked up, to deliver profiled advertising to the caller.


adtones invites callers to sign up and make a profile of likes and dislikes. This ensures the ad is relevant and making the caller more receptive than on other channels.


adtones forwards almost all of the ad income giving operators a new revenue and callers their monthly bill partly or fully paid.

How it works

The call is the primary product. Call quality is the same with adtones.


Just like normal!

  1. Make a phone call - just like normal.
  2. Instead of a dial tone the caller hears an ad.
  3. The call is not prolonged: The ad stops when the call is picked up – just like normal.
  4. The caller is credited immediately via the operator.

The caller’s individual profile with likes and dislikes – e.g. likes music and movies and dislikes diapers and detergents – will increase the price of the ad creating a bigger income for the caller.


The best from DM, radio and digital

The focus of direct marketing, the advantages of radio, and the measured responsiveness of digital


Talk directly to customers

adtones is a revolutionary new marketing channel. Advertisers get access to a personal, focused moment: The period a caller waits for somebody to pick up the call.

adtones’ users are mobile, fixed or IP telephony callers pooled from different telecom operators.

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Track each caller’s interaction

Media buyers can target callers;
Geographically: Postcode and geo-location.
Demographically: Age, gender, income, education
Behaviour: using simplified target group index (TGI) questions. Ad types, likes and dislikes, Activities, Interests, Opinions, Attitudes
Usage; type of contract, spend etc.
Every play is recorded – length and time, every interaction e.g. SMS and email requests
Every cent is fully accountable and traceable.

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adtones is a new and unique marketing channel



Open auction

Delivery price for an ad is based on an open auction system.

The auction process selects the five highest bids associated with the time slot and caller profile, and puts the ads in the profile play list.

In case the caller only makes one call in the specified period, the ad at the top of the play list is played. If 3 calls are made the top 3 ads are delivered and so on. Adtones cannot guarantee a caller will make a call over a specific period.

Only ads played more than 6 seconds are considered delivered. Ads played for less than 6 seconds is not charged, the caller is not paid and the ad is kept in the playlist for the next call.

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Campaign management

Advertisers have access to an intuitive campaign manager that easily marries a campaign target profile with caller profiles.

Time management functionality allows buyers to pinpoint when the ad must be delivered.

Budget management functionality allows buyers to keep track of their tight budgets.

Real time reporting system allows buyers to drill down to individual play records and interactions giving full transparency on the return on investment.

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Operators get new revenue and less churn


New revenue stream

adtones opens a completely new revenue stream for the operators by utilising the call connection period to insert an ad in place of the dial tone.

Operators share the ad income directly with the individual caller making it possible to partly or fully subsidise the caller’s monthly costs.

Adtones allows operators to generate new business models, reduce churn and attract new customers.


Callers want it - less churn

An adtones pilot in London showed over 90% of young adult mobile users would like to use adtones to reduce the monthly mobile bill by at least 20%.

Giving customers the same or better service for less cost will increase customer satisfaction and effectively reduce churn.


Simple to implement

adtones provides a fully managed service with standard implementation on-net. The operator can choose an off-net cloud-based solution via secure and encrypted links.

The Adtones technology is in any case simple to implement. A normal network set up will take a few hours to get up and running.

Customer on-boarding is designed and managed by the operators’ product and marketing departments. Technically the operator can choose between an embedded solution in the operator’s customer portal or a stand-alone solution. All marketing decisions are made solely by the operator.


Hacking growth

adtones enables operators to exploit existing network infrastructure and package it to be consumed by advertisers – and callers.

Operators no longer need to only focus on generating revenue from an increasingly competitive marketplace.

When using adtones operators gain access to marketing budgets normally closed to operators. Finally operators can get their share of the ad revenue.

adtones: new solutions to old problems


problem Today the telecom operators do not get a share of the advertising revenue generated by services like Google and Facebook using the operators' networks.

solution Adtones gives operators a new revenue stream monetizing the period waiting for call pick-up by playing an ad. This allows operators to take control of advertising across their user base, giving the operators, and their customers, a share of the advertising revenue.

problem Today consumers swap their personal data for next to nothing to access services like Google and Facebook – companies who then make billions from this personal data every year.

On top of giving away personal data, the consumer also must pay to connect over their broadband or mobile products.

solution Adtones enables consumers to sell access to the highest bidder, and keep ownership and control of their time and personal data at the same time, by acting as agent for the individual consumer.

The income will partly or fully fund the monthly telephony and broadband bill.

problem Measurability is hard to find in digital advertisement. Getting the right ad to the right customer is equally difficult.

Advertisers struggle to get qualified ad views in traditional digital media including paying for inefficient 1 second deliveries more than proper views.

solution Adtones’ unique media channel and delivery methods guarantees audited delivery of each and every ad to an individual consumer.

Only ads played more than 6 seconds are billed and ads are only played to customers who’ve liked that particular ad type.

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